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Why Choose FMA Advisory?

We’re a Group of Experienced Industry Professionals

Rooted in What Sets Us Apart

As the first Registered Investment Advisor in the central Pennsylvania region to become a fiduciary, Peter LaBella set the tone for the future of FMA Advisory in 1982. He made the decision to forego significant revenue from commissions, fees and incentives in order to elevate his practice to the highest standard of care: the fiduciary duty.

For Peter, it was a matter of principle, driven by the conviction to do what was right for his clients, not what was most profitable for himself, which is why he realigned his business to remove any potential conflicts of interest, assuring that his clients’ interests were always placed ahead of his own.

What It Means to Be a Fiduciary

As fiduciaries, we ensure that the financial advice we provide is objective and unbiased. The primary duty of a fiduciary is to...

At FMA Advisory, we treat you as a peer, having faced many of the same critical financial, investment and legacy planning decisions ourselves. We’ve been on your side of the table, which is why we work hard to develop the solutions and strategies you need to move forward confidently and comfortably in the right direction.

When it comes to your future, we know how important it is for you to choose a financial planner whose qualifications and experience you trust. As fiduciary advisors, we are in the advice business, not financial product sales. As such, our expert advice derives from the skills and experience of the team, the advanced technology we’ve invested in and the pure, unbiased recommendations of a true fiduciary.

We're Committed to Being Lifetime Advisors

Our team truly enjoys providing dedicated service to you and your loved ones and this includes being there through transitional moments in life. You’ll also find that when we work together, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from our team in its entirety as we collaborate to offer sound advice.

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